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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Chats from the am First Tuesday skype chat - You, I, We

Our First Tuesday Skype chats went really well this month.
In our AM meeting we talked about blogging and web 2.0 in general. We talked about how web 2.0 is prevalent across our lives. It is out there but we don’t usually think so much about   how our interactions with the web builds a sense of who we are. We thought about ‘what do I look like through web 2.0’. Who am I professionally through the eyes of people who know me through the web. Then we thought about how this reflection back of ourselves can help us further reflect on who we want to be: what we value, what we want to develop, where we want to go in our practice. Module One is all about this self-reflection to better understand Self (YOU), which gives you a grounding for the next two modules where you are asked to journey down where you want to go with your practice through your inquiry project.

Kayleigh www.kayleighbapp.blogspot.com  is going to post further on ‘what do I look like in Web 2.0’ how does that apply to my idea of my professional self.   

We talked about how useful it is to talk to people about your ideas. When you explain your thoughts and ideas to someone else it often helps you clarify for yourself what you mean. This linked to the blogging because your blog post are a great way to feedback and get feedback from others.

Sophie www. www.sophiedonald.blogspot.co.uk  is going to post further on this.

We also talked about the notion of questions particularly in terms of Module Two (but of course the process of learning across the course in itself is made of questions). We talked about how we need to check-in with ourselves about the questions we ask. Are they questions we already know about – in which case they are really more a affirming you are ‘right’ about something. Or are you genuinely interested in finding out more? If you want to know more about something you will not be looking for a ‘finished’ answer to your questions you will be interested in knowing more about the question itself. It is these kind of questions that lead to more informed questions that are most useful in this course.  So if you are in Module Two and you have a general area you are interested in, at this point, that is enough. Doing the course this term – looking at the questions from the perspective of ethics, literature etc… will help you know more about your question and help you come to a place where you have a question that you authentically want to know more about. Not a question where you can already predict what you will find or where you are trying to prove something you already know.

Catherine www.catherinehayward.blogspot.ae  is going to post on ‘asking a question we don’t know about!!’

Paula http://paulanottingham.blogspot.com  is going to post about listening and the importance of allowing moment of quiet or thinking time.

Don’t be afraid of those moments when you are in process. Don’t expect yourself to ‘know’ all the time but trust yourself to move through the unknown to the known. This will happen just because you are thinking, communicating, caring and doing. That is more than enough. The community of learners of BAPP is the current energy that helps you flow through the learning journey. Try to see the whole course, whole module in the small bit-size chunks you do each week.

What do you think?

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  1. Really like this post! Especially the importance of asking genuine questions and allowing ourselves to be surprised by the findings rather than solely having our own opinions confirmed!