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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

First week and Group Skype chat (First Tuesday of the Month Group Skype Chat)

OK its time to get started – I know its tempting to need to be told what to do by a voice and not just start your own way. In other words, its much nicer to get a one-to-one with an advisor and then say “I don’t know what to do’ and then she will tell you and you’ll do it. Then bling surrounded by rainbows and unicorns your on your BA journey again…

BUT the whole point is this course is about you developing and owning your professional development not about getting the full story on how to get an ‘A’ and doing it as directed.

The reason is that when we devised the course we were responding to the idea that once you have a job in an industry it is up to you to work out what you need to do to do the best job you can, or to fill in gaps, or to move towards what you are interested in. We are not trying to drop you in the deep-end here just trying to point out your already know the tools and actions for the kind of hussle you have to do for work and it is the same here. Look about, read-up, research, try things out. Unlike a work place setting where you might feel uncomfortable asking “well Ive found out I need a CRB check… but where do I get one I can pay for myself?” (I know they’ve changed the name now), non-the-less unlike the work place you do have someone to ask…that’s when you can talk to your advisor/tutor or even better come to a group skype and share with other people.

So if you want to talk to your advisor because you have no idea what to do or ask about it is not the time to talk to her. It is time to get yourself reading others blogs, looking at handbooks, researching and finding out. Remember this is not to look at these resources to look for the answer or the direction (thinking well if she won’t tell me maybe the books will tell me) …NO look at them to start to build your own direction, to start to form your own ideas, plans concepts. Its not like it’s a secret the handbook says what you have to hand-in and by when and gives suggestions for getting there and the blogs are thousands of posts by hundreds of people who have done this before you but the one thing no-body can do (or be) is an expert in your life – that’s your role.

So once you have some ideas, thoughts, ‘questions’ come and share them – post on your blog, comment on my post!! etc… come to a ‘First Tuesday of the month group Skype Chat’ to share your experience and get feedback on ideas and hear other people. We have one on Tuesday 6th October.

How it works I will call everyone so I (Adesola) need to have your skype address if I don’t already have it. If I don’t have it send me a request (my skype address is in the hand-book. Say who you are in the request). Then we have in morning chat (for those who work in the evenings or live East of UK!!) and an evening chat (for those who work during the day or live West of UK!!) Write in the comments below let me know which chat you want to attend.

10am (London time)
8pm (London time)

What do you think?
Comment please :)


  1. Hi Adesola!

    I would like to join the 8pm chat. I have started to think about my questions and have been reaching out to some of my colleagues at work about their experiences so hopefully will have plenty to share and talk about at the chat.


  2. I'd like to join the 10am skype session. Have added you on Skype :) Sophie Donald

  3. Hi Adesola

    I'd like to join the 8pm Skype session please!

    1. Hi Adesola

      I'm really sorry but due to a last minute commitment I will not be able to attend the 8pm session this evening. I will be sure to catch up on everyone's blogs.


  4. Hi Adesola,

    Great I would love to join the 8 pm Skype please add me in, Thank- You.

  5. OK look forward to chatting

  6. Hello Adesola

    I would like to join the 8pm session if that is possible - I have already added you. Look forward to speaking soon.

  7. Hi, I would like to join the 10 am chat, I will send a Skype request. Look forward to speaking to you,


  8. Adesola - yes will be there - will remind again on my blog as well... Bw

  9. Hi Adesola, please can I join the 10am chat today. I'll send you a message on Skype now too

  10. I would like to join the 8pm chat tonight if that's ok

  11. Hi yes please I would like to join the 8pm chat

  12. Hi Adesola

    I wont be able to attend the sessions today due to work. However will catch up later on everyone's blogs and will post comments on my thoughts so far.


  13. Hi Adesola, I will be there for the 8pm chat - my Skype address is stephanie.swann05
    i will also request you on Skype! thanks! Steph

  14. Could I please be added to the 8pm skype session. Thanks - Andrea

  15. Hi I would like to join the 8pm Skype session please.

  16. Hi Adesola,
    I would love to join the 8 pm session please. However I will only be able to Skype for 15 minutes as it is already 11 pm where I am and I have work early tomorrow.

  17. Hello! I would like to join the session at 8pm please :-)