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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Welcome back Module Twos and Threes

Welcome back and congratulations on keeping going in your BAPP journey. As you know the new term starts Monday 28th September. We have a welcome back group Skype chat Friday 25th at 8pm (time in London) or Saturday 26th at 11am (time in London)

Module Two is quite heavy going in terms of getting reading done. By the end of the module you will have a plan mapped out for an inquiry activity you will carry out in Module Three. But the whole of module two is there to help you build this. Do not think you have to know now what you want to do!! In fact, if you did then what would be the point of doing the module! You have to trust the process a bit more in this module. If you follow along the Reader, reading, tasks and join in with conversations ideas will emerge and that is the best way to develop what you want to do.

Those starting Module Three, you need to respond to your feedback from Module Two. Ultimately you need to send a written response but you might want to talk over ideas with your Advisor. You also need to check your participant consent form has final approval (by your Advisor) BEFORE  you start interviews or observations officially.  

Other house keeping: my advisor one-to-one times (office hours) are 10am to 11am week days. For weekends and other times by appointment (i.e. email me times you are available).

So now is a good time to just get yourself back in study mode. making a space to work physically, as well as in your schedule, and mentally. I am looking forward to a great term with you.

Please comment below to let me know if you plan to join in the skype chats. State which time you are join in with.

NOTE: If I do not have your current skype address you need to send me a request BUT within the request you must state who you are and that you are on BAPP or I will not be able to accept the request.

Looking forward to talking together September 25th or 26th



  1. Hi Adesola.
    I will be joining the Friday evening (25th).
    Looking forward to chatting to you then and to the term ahead.

  2. Hello may I join the 11am session on Sat 26th?

    Thank you
    Hannah :)