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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Friday, 25 September 2015

Friday's skype orientation -

Tonight we had our returning orientation.
We talked about the importance of knowing ‘the obvious’:
  • When hand-in date is
  • What you need to hand-in
  • Making sure you are aware of different ways to exchange ideas and share learning (ie know the dates of campus and on line sessions, join the First Tuesday group Skype chats we have every month, &/or start a Special Interest Groups (SIGs) with other people interested in what you are doing, and get back into blogging!
We also talked about getting started by questioning your assumptions and allowing yourself to look beyond your comfort zone. Getting back into study is also about getting back into being comfortable not knowing (yet), having questions and trust you can be confused at times but you are on a journey. The ways to exchange listed above and your Advisors are all there to keep you from getting lost even when you are in a fog of confusion every now and then.

Asking what people got out of the conversation-
Lianne said ‘Don’t just stick to thinking about what you already know. I already knew about my own practice and I want to look beyond that’ …to see different perspectives on my inquiry question. She is posting about the conversation on her blog 

Lisa A. talked about the feeling of being confused and the importance of looking at your feedback from your last Module as a way to start back at things. She is posting on the conversation too.

Lisa M. said ‘it is good to hear other people talking from other modules’… somethings start to make sense as you move forward in your own module. She will be posting on her blog too.

We have another returning orientation tomorrow Saturday September 26th  in the morning at 11am.

What do you think? How are you getting ready to start back?


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