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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Monday, 5 November 2018

MORE (Module Two)

News about Module Two on-line ethics form:
1.  a draft is due in week 9 (in a couple of weeks). The draft is so your Supervisor can give you feedback on the form. Your feedback should help you with the form and also with the design of your inquiry. The form is finally submitted at the same time as all your other work in December.

2. When you go to the MORE folder of the our BAPP Programme Page, the folder opens to a lot of information. To start make sure you read:
section 1
section 2 (go to Arts and Creative Industries section)
4. Templates - consent forms etc 
You can read the rest but start with these key sections.

3. Once you start the form make sure you name your project and include "(BAPP)" at the end of the Project name.

4. Make sure you put your Supervisor's name and email in the Supervisor section. That way we have access to give comments and feedback on the form for you.

5. When we give you comments and feedback on the form it comes back to you as 'rejected' (it is not rejected!!!). This just means it is not submitted, which is fine because we don't do the final submission until December.

Thinking and considering ethical reflections helps you shape your inquiry as well as gives depth to your inquiry. Here is a video that I think is a warning about not thinking deeply enough in the design of a research project and coming up with questionable and un-informed conclusions as a result of bad design!! 
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  1. Hi Adesola,
    I wrote a blog summarising our Skype session. I hope it helps anyone that reads it :)
    Thanks, Laura :)