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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Thursday, 1 November 2018

MORE Module Two

Module Two you are starting to be at the point where you need to draft a Ethics application (i.e. MORE form filled out). The actual form is due with your other submitted work on December 17th  but you are asked to start working on it and have a draft done by November 23rd for your Supervisor to look at. Supervisors can look at your MORE work on-line through the MORE portal.

We will be having a two part Skype session on using MORE and this process:

Part one November 5th at 9pm (sign-up below)
Part two November 15th sessions (12:30pm, 5pm) - see regular Skype session sign-up for 15th (which will be posted later this month)

Please sign-up in the Comments below if you want to attend Part one November 5th.


  1. I'd like to attend. Thank you.

    Harry McLeod

  2. Hello!
    I'd love to attend the session on November 5th.

    Thank you, Laura

  3. I’d like to attend please (Sophie Duncan)

  4. I’d like to attend tonight’s Skype please