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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Campus session - the importance of the approach

We had a campus session on Tuesday. We talked about how we construct a description or understanding of what our individual practice is. We then related this to research in the sense that there is both a topic/label (what it is about) but also an approach. So you could be a dance teacher (topic /label) But your practice is also the way you approach being a dance teacher. Different dance teachers approach teaching differently. Similarly you can research something (topic/label) but the way you research - your approach is key to how and what the research is.

We summarized key points for the people involved by making short films. They will also be posting on their blogs see comments below for blog post addresses.
What do you feel? What would you add? Please comment.


  1. I really like the concept of using video to get an idea across. Aa I am part of the visual artform it gave me great satisfaction watching and learning at the same time as well as the video imparting information. We use screens and videos more and more so what better way to utilise it.

  2. my blog post on the campus session ideas http://leewhite4.blogspot.com/2018/11/real-research.html

  3. My post on our campus session is at -
    It was great to get creative with you all. x