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Monday, 29 October 2018

Collaboration in creative processes, Collaboration as creative process

In Module One we introduce ideas about ‘networks’, the ‘networked professional’ and cooperation. There is a discussion on Game theory, particularly the ‘prisoners Dilemma’.
To explore this further visit:  http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/playground/pd.html.

The idea of cooperation is explored in many artists processes. Art activism often uses the idea of making something together as a way to value and highlight community. I feel collaboration has a part in the map of an artists practice. Where is collaboration in your practice, in your inquiry, in your field of work?

Here is a video talk about collaboration and the work of a poet who uses collaboration as part of process. If you asked yourself how to collaborate each time you started a creative process what interesting ethical considerations does it raise - different for each situation I would think. In this way collaboration could be seen as a principle for learning not just an organising tool. 


What are your comments?


  1. Both of these processes whether playing the game or listening to the Tedx Talk makes me relish collaborating. Many great films have been made, dance productions completed and stage plays finished all with the aid of collaboration. Many people's single ideas make a brilliant idea flourish by using all the best bits. As long as there is a excellent choreographer/director/musical director to steer the way, collaboration is very fruitful. I can just taste the sweet flavours, can you?

  2. Thank you for sharing, I thoroughly enjoyed it and have written my reflections on it on my blog: