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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Online session with Module Three focus: The art of Noticing

We had two online sessions with ACI3633 (Module Three)  focus today. The general topic was 'research terms-what are you doing?' !! The session was really about how all the elements we use to design an inquiry in ACI3622 (Module Two) are actually manifesting in the inquiry process of ACI3633 (Module Three).

Now there were people from Module One and Two in both sessions which is great because these ideas are not secrets only to be discussed on ACI3633 !! And also great because what we are saying about the inquiry in ACI3633 inquiry is 'true' for the 'inquiry' into what your practice is/can be in ACI3611 Module One and the 'inquiry' into designing a practice-based research activity/inquiry in ACI 3622 (Module Two) . In other words its all connected.

So, where is analysis manifesting in your inquiry? - we talked about the relationship this has to noticing and reflecting on what is happening around you. Also analysis is manifesting in how the literature/art work reviews you do inform or shine new perspectives on things ...

We talked about how Method is manifesting in your inquiry - are you noticing how you are doing thing. Are you aware of what it is that you are doing? and that in what you are doing you are making choices. There is a method to what you are doing but it is important to notice and analyze what it is. Just like in ACI3611 you are peeling your practice away from the back ground noise of your training or circumstance, in the inquiry you are peeling your activity (what you are doing) away from the autopilot or assumptions of.... should be done.

We talked about how ethnography is manifesting in your inquiry - in this course you are central to what you are doing. Its about your practice. Noticing yourself and making a space for you to be present. This is not about being neutral (not bias) because from the perspective of this course you can not be non-bias. "Wherever you go, You come along too!" You can only see through your eyes but you can imagine, empathize, notice consider other perspectives = reflection. In the inquiry the learning is in the reflection not finding  something that will tell you what to think!!!

We talked about how methodology is manifesting in your inquiry - The philosophy behind why you are doing things the way you are doing them.

We talked about how ethics is in everything, not isolated.

Overall we talked about noticing things

People are posting about:
The significance of You - see ethnography ....
Ethnography and method can disclose methodology
Methods = looking at/taking note of how you are doing things
Notice everything - keep reflecting
(personally I feel noticing can make you quite raw so hand-in-hand with it is to forgiving yourself)
Nothing is waisted  it is all part of (the) process
Analysis - critical thinking can be happening all the time.

Please 'notice' the glossaries at the end of the handbooks and start to add words and add to the meanings that are there so that you start to develop your own understanding of the language we are using.

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    Importance of analysis and a little bit about the Literature review :)

  2. Thank you Adesola for the call. I really enjoyed it. Please take a read of my post reflecting on what I took from the call. I do hope it's helpful and insightful... https://louiseelliottbapp.blogspot.com/2018/10/module-three-skype-call-notice.html#more

  3. Hello,

    Here is my blog post from the afternoon Skype discussion, it is about Ethnography, method and methodology :) http://arghierenia-bapp.blogspot.com/2018/10/ethnography-method-methodology-skype.html