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Monday, 8 October 2018

Why blogging - being a living part of a network of information & community.

This post is a short 'bit' about the blogs and why the blogs. In the new Module One handbooks (ACI3611) we discuss the networked professional and suggest looking at some videos. Below is one we suggest watching. (I thought it would be good to see for the Module Two and Threes who have not had the new Module One handbooks.)The blog contribute to the structure of our BAPP Learning Network / Networked understanding. This is a network you are part of this term.

On this course we draw heavily from the theoretical concept of Connectivism developed differently by Steven Downes and George Siemens. Below George Siemens talks about blogs in terms that help explain why they are a part of the network of learning in BAPP ACI

Please comment on what you are thinking/feeling of this post below. It would be interesting to discuss some of the video content in our Twilight Tuesday Skype Discussion Group on October 16th or at the campus session tomorrow*. 
(*The sign-up for Friday and Tuesday are on a 'Session reminder Post'-NOT this post) 

Visit someones blog today and exchange an idea or conversation - visit someone's blog in the BAPP community you have not visited much before - explore.


  1. Thank you for sharing this video Adesola. I really picked up on the phrase "social connected process of learning" from participating in this program I have really come to acknowledge the idea of learning through different platforms that I had not previously considered or recognized as learning opportunities. Things such as social media platforms and blogs are a great way to connect and learn from others as well as a great place to research topics - if these are the spaces where people are discussing topics of interest why not consider it out as source for research.
    Laura - Mod 3

  2. Connect - Build - Improve. I feel this sums up my personal experience so far from my blogs. Being in module 1 and new to blogging, I have started gaining more momentum and confidence through sharing my blog and reading those of others. While we may be blogging about different things or ideas, just being part of the community is motivating and inspiring.