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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Campus session

Some useful points that came up in the conversation:

Analysis needs to revolve around you and your questions - not some thing/ activity that waits to organise the field data collected. Think about: the questions are analysis, unpicking your story and your thinking to allow the field data to move through it.

Planning in Module Two needs to include planning the analysis and therefore needs to include questioning yourself . Such as where you are in your topic so you can expand your understanding and knowledge of the topic in the Module Three inquiry



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  1. Hi Everyone,
    It was really nice meeting some new faces today and discussing a very important topic, particularly for modules 2&3
    Please find my thoughts on todays session in the link below:

  2. Thank you for sharing, this is very useful for me now I'm shaping my research inquiry more and more. I notice that the questions that I ask become more and more specific the more I find out. I can see how these questions are also a form of analysis.
    Through asking different questions also more ethical discussions and considerations are raised among my topic. Looking forward to the Skype session on Thursday and speak more about this! Best wishes, Liza