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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Tuesday Analysis!!

On Tuesday we had Skypes about the central place of analysis across the whole course with a focus on Module Three. I described a way into thinking about analysis as thinking about it as 'meaning making'.

In Module One ACI3611, you are starting to analyze what your practice is so you can describe and reflect on it in the work you are handing in at the end of the term.

In Module Two ACI3622,  you are starting to check the design of inquiry you are making supports the analysis you are planning for what you find. In other words, you are not planning  for collecting data for the sake of collecting things you are gathering things that will help your analysis and discover ideas around the topic you are interested in.

In Module Three ACI3633 you would be finishing gathering field data and starting to look at what it means, whats behind some of the things you experience? If you have come across new ideas you had not considered go back to the Literature/Art and see what people have said about this. It is  a messy period when there are lots of ideas as you piece together new perspectives - new knowledge (to you).

Please comment below and add blog post addresses too. When you add a blog post address please say what it is about so we can discuss both on this blog post and also refer to yours.

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