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Saturday, 16 November 2019

From Helen's Blog and other thoughts

A note for some further clarity around the role and purpose of Drafts of work.

Drafts are intended to initiate a feedback dialogue (in person, skype, via email) with your supervisor, they are not usefully used to ask if things are 'right' or sent with an expectation of receiving corrections, by way of a pre-marking opportunity.

Please do receive feedback as an extended discussion of your work

Often feedback contains prompts for further reading, suggested texts/practitioners to look at, comments regarding the level of critical thinking/analysis in your writing over overly descriptive personal narrative approaches etc.. Feedback comments are not telling you to 'correct' something and re-submit, but more trying to help you to move your thinking and writing on as we see the process of your work developmentally.

With this in mind, when you have received feedback on a draft of work, and please do consider that we are working our way through draft work from all students across the three MA programmes at this point in the termplease take time to read and consider comments made, come back to your supervisor asking to extend the conversation, arrange a skype is you have further thoughts and questions as a result of the feedback, but please try not to send a 2nd draft asking if the work is now correct, or continuous re-drafts up until the submission date.

Other thoughts 
Do I need to do a new literature review from Module Two to Module Three? 
No, you do not need to re-write the literature review it was there to help you in this next part of the course but it should be likely that doing the inquiry has shed like on different part of the topic which requires you to add to the literature you already have looked at. Or maybe a part of the literature review you did not look at much has now become more important. So use the older review as a starting point and add to it. In your final work you need to include those part of the review that help explain the pints you are making and give context to the scholars you are quoting or ideas you are discussing throughout …. 

Please use the Feedback exchange form. It is so we can start the conversation your draft opens.

Please do not send emails saying, ‘Did you get my email?’ Please just resend the email and contents. At busy times, it means the person being asked ‘Do you get my email’has to find the email they might not have had in the first place – when you could just start from the email you have sent that they now have safely and can reply to.

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