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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Skype with Module Three focus

We thought about analysis and explaining the experience of your Module Three inquiry. By sharing what their inquiry has been like those in the conversation noticed:

The importance of themes as ways to organize as a result of analysis as opposed to just telling people everything that happened.

The importance of explaining the 'shifts' in the inquiry - which are often a result of a 'sub-concious' analysis of the inquiry that has moved you from thinking about approaching it one way to discovereing  a new way to engage or approach the topic.

The importance of understanding the point of the assessed work to be handing in - it is a bout an overview of the experience and what it has said to your practice - so you have to edit express this you can not explain every thing that happened. It took 12 weeks so it would take at leased 12 weeks to explain!!

At the same time not to cut corners on what you talking about - explain who you are, why the inquiry in terms of your practice, what you planned to do, what you did, what meaning you made of it and the analysis that emerged, themes and then some reflection on the whole experience (+ throughout reflection on ethical considerations and new questions that arise from the activity)

Please see comments below for people in conversations blog posts and to keep the conversation going...


  1. Here is my blog discussing the 'shifts' in my inquiry.


  2. The skype yesterday was very useful for me to organise my thoughts around analysis. I've written a blog about how themes can emerge from one another and offer further questions. https://ekalicka.blogspot.com/2019/11/analysis-module-3-focus-skype.html

  3. Thank you for a great Skype call, it was great to share discussion with everyone.
    Please see below a link to my blogpost following the call...

  4. Thanks for the posts from all i was unable to attend but have written a post on the topic of this skype call. Thank you ! http://rwbapp.blogspot.com/

  5. Thank you all so much for your blog posts. I have commented on each individual post. I believe that the shift is part of the journey of our inquiry process, but the key is to recognise the shifts in order to really discover.