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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Ethical thinking and Critical Reflection

We had people from each Module, so we traced across the Modules. We traced ethics and critical reflection across the development of the Modules.

Points we made were:

Critical reflection and ethics - we suggested ethical considerations are a 'sub-set' within critical thinking practices.

Ethical considerations - are not things to solve, they are things to reflect on -

But ethical procedures are things you can put into place to be aware of one's own privilege.

Ethical procedures can start to feel like tick box activity but they come from ethical considerations.

Ethics helps you see/notice what you have been 'taught' to think, and what you have been 'taught' to expect from those around you.

Look at the 'rules' of the MORE form and linking them to the actual ethical considerations discussed in your inquiry.

Reflecting on ones practice: looking at where you have made ethical procedure disisions such as 'I am not doing that/ or saying that because I know how much of a negative feeling I got when a teacher say it to me. These are procedural decisions.

Reflecting in the action of the Module you are in, but also reflection back on the Modules you've done (or heard about). 

We also traced the idea of 'not knowing' across the Module experiences. At first (in Module One) it can be almost frightening but as you learn about your self and practice you find that the more you know the more you be come aware of what you do not yet know. Perhaps education is about how we find ways of being comfortable with, and available to the known and the not known, the learnt and the to be learnt.

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  1. Thank you for leading this call Adesola, it was really useful to see these topics discussed from the point of view of each module. I have created a blog post on what I gained from the call for people to read - let me know what you all think! https://cathleenlimerick.blogspot.com/2020/04/critical-reflection-and-ethics-skype.html

  2. https://hannahleesbappblogs.blogspot.com/2020/04/critical-reflection-and-ethnics-skype.html

    Really enjoyed this call, gave me more of an insight of what is to come in later modules and reassured me. Thank you. Above is my link to what I got out of this discussion.

  3. Thank you for a very interesting discussion. I have also created a blog post on what was discussed and since reflected on: