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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Monday, 20 April 2020


Dear All
Please remember feedback on drafts had a deadline almost a month ago. Most people have sent a draft of some kind to us. Overall your feedback is about structure, construction, and writing devices such as citation. feedback on one piece of writing can be used by you to question other pieces of writing. In other words if you received feedback on something on one draft check the same thing yourself on other drafts.

If you have any specific feedback questions or ideas you want to discuss and I am your Supervisor please call me. I will NOT prioritize responding to emails asking me if you can call, because I have now said this a number of times, it is in the handbooks, and it is on UniHub - you can call particularly during office hours. These last weeks of term are best used developing your confidence in your work, looking at the learning outcomes in the handbook and reflecting on your study this term in order to think about how your final submissions can be tweeked.


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  1. Thank you Adesola! I am in the process of refining everything and will probably give you a call sometime later in the week with some questions. Much appreciated xx