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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Friday, 25 September 2020

First weeks back

It is Friday of the second week back. I am excited to be in a new term. We have added a couple of new ideas: 

The new email for myself and Helen with the 'PPACI' in the address: the idea of this email was so all student emails have their own mail box. I am getting my head around the second email now but it has taken a couple of weeks. I thought all of the emails sent to my new email address were coming to my computer but I have just found they are not all coming! So I am now starting a routine of checking them twice (on my computer and on-line!!). This is annoying because the whole point of the new email address to try to avoid missing emails !! If you have not had a response from me and were expecting one maybe resend. 

The second change seems to be working really well. That is to book tutorials you can go to UniHub programme page > Tutorials folder  and under your Supervisors name is a doodle poll link where you can see openings for tutorial over two week blocks. I will renew my doodle every two weeks across the term. 

It has been great talking to everyone on in the Skype one-to-one welcome (back) tutorials and the first group skypes. There have been some great blog posts starting us off thinking and discussing also. I am looking forward to reading what people are finding, exploring and discovering through your blog posts as the term progresses. 


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  1. Hi Adesola. It is great that you have a new email address dedicated to this course. I have sent you an email about my forms for participants, I cannot start my interviews until these are confirmed.

    I enjoyed the Skype last week. This is my blog post in relation to that Skype session. It discusses the idea of what start is, having different beginnings and adapting to new environments.


    I also did some research about the rhizome learning model.