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Saturday, 26 September 2020

Friday's Skype - researching research

 Our Friday evening Skype discussion with a Module Two focus was interesting. The main point we made was that in Module Two you are learning about research by researching how to research– what are different ways people research? And what ways do you want to adopt when you plan research yourself. Of course, you already research in different ways but maybe you have not called it research. For instance, all those thinking about their practice in Module One are in some ways researching themselves. When you are in a performing arts class (dance, music) as you develop your art form you are researching in terms of trying out shifts in your practice – Theresa talked about this. 


Within research the analysis (how you make meaning of information) is key. This is the use of Critical Thinking – not being criticalbeing judgemental or looking for ‘truth’) when you are thinking, but thinking critically (being analytical). For me critical thinking is about asking questions about the things we take for granted, asking about the ‘normal’ things we see. In the paper ‘the right to research’ (2006) Arjun Appaduria writes:


‘I maintain that knowledge is both more valuable and more ephemeral due to globalisation, and that it is vital for the exercise of informed citizenship…I …explore the democratisation of the right to research, and the nexus between research and action…

…All human beings are, in this sense, researchers, since all human being make decisions that require them to make systematic forays beyond their current knowledge horizons.’ (Appadurai, 2006, p. 167)


People in the skype are carrying on the conversations we had through their blog posts. Please go to the comments below to make a comment yourself. and also find links to people’s posts.



Appadurai, A. (2006). The Right to Research. Globalisation, Societies and Education 4(2), 167 - 177. doi:10.1080/14767720600750696


  1. Thank you for this Adesola I could not make that Skype so lovely to read about what was discussed. Look forward to seeing blogs from other students regarding research.

  2. Hi Adesola, i couldn't make the call last minute due to work, but after reading your blog it has made me feel confident that i am on the right path. i am to currently learning how to research and i've realised keeping a personal and professional reflective journal is a massive help for my studies and mental growth. i've started reading "doing your research project" Bell. This has opened my mind up to many different ways to researching and it makes me happy that there is more than one way to do this, like i believe there are many ways to learn how to dance/sing/act.

  3. Hi Adesola, I have written and explored about how research through movement applies to me as a dancer, and I will be looking further into the idea of researching.


    1. Great post Theresa - I enjoy your thought about research with movement - practice as research.

  4. Hi, I have done a blog about some of my thoughts from the skype here. https://alysmay.blogspot.com/2020/09/nimble-thinking-and-research-module-2.html
    thanks Alys

  5. Hiya! I have written blog post about my thoughts from this skye here - https://anushkaconwaybapp.blogspot.com

  6. Hi all, following our discussion group I have composed a blog exploring the topics discussed.



  7. Hi Adesola, I have written a blog about the Module Two Skype call and what we discussed and some information that has since come to light from my research. Many thanks, Paul


  8. I have written a blog for this skype. It includes some of my thoughts and some other blogs and understanding of research and where I am planning on going next with research.


  9. Thank you for sharing this information. I was not able to make the Skype either so it has been interesting for me to read this and other blogs reflecting on what was discussed.
    Thank you