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Monday, 1 November 2010

Playing with ways to reflect

Hi Guys
Some people have said they haven't got much to reflect on or put in their journal and they are waiting for rehearsal or something scheduled to happen to start (and feel there is something to write about). But this is about teasing out from the every day. In research it is making the familiar unfamiliar (looking at 'everyday' things in new ways) and / or making the unfamiliar familiar (exploring new things and ideas). Here is an idea....
Ten minute poem each night. Take ten minutes to write a poem about anything from your day. These will be good starting points for realising what has effected you or what resonates with you. I am going to try it. Anyone want to join me. I am going to take ten minutes each night for a week to write a poem about my day. Lets see what comes out!!!

Another thing you could do if the poem doesn't sound like something you want to do. Choose a random time at the beginning of the day and when it gets to that time wherever you are or whatever you are doing stop and reflect on where you are. Write something as part of the reflection and then carry on. Again this might help to start to find things in everyday. There is Learning, Live, Love in every minute reflection is about finding meaning.


  1. Hi Adesola,

    Thats really helpful i'm gonna try that! Bring on the poems...

  2. No idea how to write poetry but it could be a laugh!

  3. Looking forward to the sonnets and rhyming couplets. I will give it a go too.

  4. Thanks for that Adesola! I am waiting on rehearsals at the moment and doing a lot of promotional work. It will be interesting to compare my thoughts now with how I feel when I am back dancing again. I will give the poem thing a go too as I feel like it will help me realise what has been important in the day therfore giving me something to reflect on.

  5. Adesola, I'm going to stop and take a minute to reflect on a random part of my day. This will hopefully stop me just reflecting on specific experiences. Really useful thanks.

  6. Adesola, I'm going to embrace this idea, I will decide a moment of my day, stop for a minute and reflect on it...I think it will give me a better idea wether or not I'm waisting that particular moment or I'm "active"...let's see what happens.