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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Good habits

It is week !!!! (holidays), but you are probably in writing-up final draft time. As the module ends it is a good idea to reflect on how you organised your time, what good practice you want to adopt and what things did not work for you.

I have just finished writing-up a project, myself. I have thought about what I liked about how I did it. I am going to (try to) keep my habit of waking up early to do two good hours each morning before everything starts. I find I get more work done in the first two hours after a good nights sleep than in four hours later in the day. I want to keep the habit. Some people have talked about coffee shops and places they go to work. Are you going to keep going there just to keep in the practice of having time set aside for reflection or study.

I also had to read a lot I want to keep that too since I don’t exactly ‘read for pleasure’ in the conventional sense. So I want to keep up the habit of making myself read by keeping a time during the week when I sit down and read for a block of time. Things I want to let go of is the mess my computer files are in. 

Remember you are inquiring in life long habits for professional practice so think about what works for you to keep don’t just do things because the module made you and then you drop the good practice.

I have planned four days off over Christmas: that’s really exciting; hope you make time to just relax and reflect too.



  1. Enjoy your break Adesola - I too am planning on taking a few days off for Christmas. I am spending this evening finishing writing up my work, which will mean that I can come back to it after Christmas and make any final changes. It's good to take time away to reflect I think.

    It's funny how different patterns work for different people - I find I often do my best work late at night. For those who live in shared accommodation, like me, I find it's really helpful to go to a coffee shop or library to work, away from distractions. I have only just joined my local library (shame on me!)...and I find being surrounded my books and other people studying really inspiring. It helps me to focus...and if you are feeling 'blocked', a change of scenery can be just what you need.

  2. I'd like to follow you and try setting a block of time to read, because carrying documents around to 'read in my free time' doesn't seem to work well. I noticed the importance of setting my work time and work environment to put myself in BAPP-mode, so I will now try to turn those 'work time' into a habit.
    Happy New Year, I wish you a great year ahead!!