If life is what happens to our plans, then dance is what happens to our steps.
ideas sometimes when you wait they come to you.

Preparation for starting with BAPP

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Create the conditions for you to thrive. As this module closes you move along the convey-a-belt to the next modules. Sadly that is how the education system works. But you do not have to adopt the linear structure as a kind of truth to who you are or what you are. Some learning in the last modules might kick-in in a couple of months. Some things might change in meaning to you. Some things might loose meaning: it’s a dance.  However you think you did or what ever you wished you’d done is not behind you irretrievable because the belt has moved on, it’s a part of the rich tapestry of now.

The point is not to decide if you or something or someone is ‘good’ or not, correct or not. The point is to be a vital part of your own process, to notice and create the conditions in which you thrive and meet your full potential. I have found that there is so much fear involved in attempting to express your ideas within a structure where it will be assessed by others. There is so much hope that what you mean will be understood and what you want to achieve will be granted but the fear clogs up the ability to dance. It sets you on a single straight line afraid to step off or over for fear of missing a step. But I really believe that learning, ideas, the lived experience is not a line it is organic, a rhizome. Rather than predict its shape - predicting what it will be, focus on creating the nutrition for it to thrive. In other words now is the time to have a good laugh and welcome the you that just experienced last year.

Have a good end of the year / new year.

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