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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Arts and Education

This is a really good talk to watch. It is especially interesting for people thinking about learning from the practical experience of the arts and linking this to formal learning structures like BA (HON). What do you think of what Sir Ken Robinson says here?


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  1. Sir Ken's speech certainly resonated with me on many levels. In fact it really touched a nerve at one point. Sir Ken is saying that our children are being moulded and suppressed within our education system. I believe this is true with most children. I too like most other people have been 'culturally conditioned' in our education, as I mentioned in one of my blogs, and that since I started this BAPP course, I need to recalibrate my mind into a new way of learning. We are moulded, as Sir Ken went on to say, to support our country and the world's economy. How do we get to change the mind set of the government and education authorities to change to a new education system of working with the interest of the people first? The government are encouraging we support and work within the community more by volunteering for jobs e.g. within libraries and other public areas, that are being axed. I'm also noticing some enlightened people continuing for to form home tutoring groups where mixed ages and levels of abilities study together. What really made me stand in my tracks recently was something I witnessed in a school I was about to start teaching dance in. From the very first moment I stepped into the school I witnessed suppressed and in the words of Sir Ken, 'anaesthetised' children. It was a very calm school and it was they way they wanted it to continue, I was told. I went on to witness some incredible outbursts of anger and emotion from some children. This was sheer frustration which seems to be getting worse over the past 15 years....With my Arts and dance background and from the experiences I witnessed of breakthroughs from some emotionally challenged children. I will certainly continue to give time and space to people to express themselves and to be creative in my dance classes...I would love to form a new world education curriculum but it's quite a tall order...