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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Friday, 16 December 2011

Week 12

Hi, today is the last day of the term, so you will be in the writing-up stage of the module. As you are working remember not to be blinded by any personal realisations or epiphanies. We really wanted you to reflectively experience the familiar of your professional life differently. We hoped you would find you started to think differently, more widely or more deeply about things. We hoped you would become aware of ideas and find problems with notions you had not noticed before. BUT that was the process; that was the point of the tasks. NOW you need to step back and take an overview of the whole module. Focus on the goals of the assignment (i.e. to write a critical reflection, in terms of what a critical reflection is, or plan a project -  PLAN it, or report on research you did ) do not write something to prove the new idea you have found or something that tells the story of finding it.
Make sure what you are doing is going to meet the assessment criteria: that is how it will be marked whether you prove the point or not. The University is look for you show you are at BA(HONS) level a certificate that is recognised beyond you specialty. So just proving you know something about your specialty that nobody else seems to have realised is not meaningful beyond you and your area of the world. Of course your Professional practice is central to you work and this degree but you also need to demonstrate skills that are generic to being at BA (HON) level such as critical thinking, spelling and presentation, use of language and academic writing, structuring presentation of ideas etc...
When ever someone says spelling to me I panic – DO NOT PANIC just be aware that people find it important and do your best. Some one said something to the other day that really put this in perspective. It was that over time the record of your work is less a reflection on you and more a reflection on the University. The University needs to show that their students meet the levels expected. You will grow and do more work but the university is accepting this moment and has the stand behind the decision, therefore your work is also a representation of the institution where you study.  

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