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Friday, 3 February 2012

New Term / Campus Sessions

Well the new term starts Monday. Don’t forget the Campus Sessions kick-off on Monday and Tuesday too.
Monday: Module One (10am-1pm),
Module Two (2pm – 5pm)

Tuesday: Module Three (10am -1pm)

All of these are at Trent Park Campus.

If you are re-doing a module get to know the your new colleagues who are doing it with you. They maybe someone you have blogged with before. Remember that it is the quality you the learning experience you have that is important not a race to the end. Enjoy the company and community we are building.

If you have just finished and will be graduating PLEASE keep blogging, it would be so nice to have a really big network of people who are doing have done (and maybe thinking of doing).


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  1. Hi Adesola,

    SO I have logged onto the myunihub site, and have seen my credits for the first module. Could we skype soon so I can figure out what that is in terms of the grade? I am referring to the handbook, but only see the final degree levels, and I don't know how it is broken into each module. Hope the first day of module 2 is going well, i''m looning forward to read the write ups.