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Friday, 12 October 2012

Week Two: noticing

Week two and hopefully you are getting into the flow of things. Finding your ‘student world’. The best place for work: home or a coffee shop? Do you work best in long chunks or short regular bursts? How do you schedule your BAPP working times?  Do you work best after a yoga class, a strong coffee (de-café of course!!), in the morning or afternoon? Its fun to workout what or how you are as a student. Somehow my student self in my head is always heading for Paris!!

Please read ALL the below whatever Module you are on: the course is all connected

Module One’s: by now you have your blog going, you have played with Flickr and maybe some other web tools. But this is not a tick box type course. You need to notice how you did things, what you did. Already you have made choices (ethical choices) about how you have presented yourself, what you value as important and what you haven’t said. Although all you did was start a blog you took action according to your own value system, your principles your priorities your ethics. Think about what this says about you and what is meaningful to you? Who helped you or influenced you to have this values and principles? This module is about seeing how you fit in to a wider world – contextualising yourself in order to better understand your professional practices. The reflection section of the module will help you with this and it is next…

Module Two’s: You will have been thinking about questions. These are not questions you will be finding answers to!!!!!!! They are questions about something you want to find out more about. Think of your research question as something you want to ask BETTER questions about when you have finished the research NOT something you will have found an answer to when you have finished the research. So maybe look back at the reflective work you have been doing see what keeps interesting you, what keep making you excited to work, what you are curious about. This is probably the area you could work in. Then think about HOW you are asking the question. How does the way you ask a question affect the kind of answer you will get. This is important because the rest of the module is looking at how you ask which is the research methods you will use. This module is more full on than the first module, so get stuck in.

Module Three’s: One word: Literature
You are not alone!!! Find out what other people have said about your subject through being published or performance etc… Not the firs random article you find when you use Google ... If you had a conversation with someone else who studied what you are looking into who would they know you need to know them too. This module is not about gathering data! It is about what you do with it. And what you do with it involves thinking about what other people have theorized too. You are not alone. The wheel has been invented. Now – also – where do you stand in all is going on. What is your philosophical framework? What assumptions have you made – that people will talk honestly to you in interviews? Did /will that happen? That we are all equal and nobody will be intimidated by you asking them questions? That everyone has an opinion about your project area? Did / will they? The truth is out there? Or there are many truths?

Things that have “gone wrong’ so far are also a part of your data the best part probably. For instance I keep asking teachers if they will talk to me about dance & and Maths, most of the Maths teachers have not replied for interview dates and one did but only had ten minutes in a busy staffroom where I couldn’t properly record the interview and I am worried about running out of time, all of the dance teachers have been very excited about the idea and I have interviewed one already.  My question is ‘How do we integrate dance into core curriculum subjects?’ I feel need Maths teachers data. But I have some already – they are not interested, that has resonance with my question. When I come to analyse all the data the fact I couldn’t even have a conversation with a Maths teachers is part of the data and comments on the question. Once you begin the research EVERYTHING that happens is part of the process. Be brave and let it happen.

What do you’s lot think?


  1. Hi Adesola,

    I'm so with you on the Paris student idea, not sure why but its all about sitting outside a 'petit cafe', drinking a cafe noir and busying on the laptop as the world goes by. In truth of course I'm sat in South London and drinking a tap water...

    Thank you so much for your blog, the module 2 section has made a valid point I needed to hear. It was good to hear that the questions don't necessarily need to be answered, rather they can lead to more questions, which lead to a general interest for inquiry. This really helped me as I felt a bit empty after blogging my questions and didn't really know where to go. Thanks for helping...


  2. Hi Adesola,

    Your point that once you begin your research everything that happens is part of the process really got me thinking. I had not thought about it like that, and if I had been in the Maths teacher situation you refer to I would have been panicking that my data was going to be unbalanced and that my plan wasn't going to plan!!

    I will now keep this example in mind as my enquiry progresses.


  3. I'm glad that point comes across Liam. I think it is really important not to be the puppet-master of the data. From module one we are saying experience as knowledge so all the experiences are data not just the experiences you already anticipated finding and if it's not what your expecting you consider it's wrong!!!!

  4. Hi adesola, I think you're so right about the blogs representing us, not through our conscious choices of decorating them but maybe through what we havent put. I looked back at my blog, and realise though i've made it an appealing colour, it is also very simple, direct and to the point. I have no over the top decpration, simply what needs to be there and I think it is true of me in my work ethic as well. Not that i do bare minimum,but when auditioning I am never the over the top *jazz hands* type performer, but direct and professional, I go in and do what is nessesary to get the job. I think the blogs and how different people approach them will probably say a lot about them as a person.

    :) something to think about for sure