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Monday, 22 October 2012

Writing Session

Writing Session on 23rd of October '12 - scheduled for 10am - 2pm (but you could always end a bit early if needed). Attendance is open for people from all three modules. This workshop has been developed specifically for BAPP (Arts) to help in 'thinking' and communicating.

Please come to the Central Reception at 10am in College Building (the atrium or quadrangle area) at the Hendon Campus. Directions to Hendon are on the Libguide Noticeboard. If you do arrive after the start we will be in the College House building.

Peter has pencilled in an agenda below – but  he will prepare extended exercises for this who have attended before.

Conceptions of writing:
the students’ own
other writers’
their lecturers’ (as evidenced in criteria, etc.)
A process-approach to writing-thinking through drafting (moving from private to public):
This will emphasise the use of writing as a means of coming to a conclusion.

PLEASE look out for materials from the workshop on the Libguide after the event.

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