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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Thursday, 21 February 2013

SKYPE group calls

Well, the SKYPE experiment when well on Tuesday. It seems we can have groups of four or five to talk together. We can't see each other (without the supper-dupper SKYPE package) but it is the group conversation that is nice. I am thinking about this in terms of people who can't make campus sessions. BUT the problem is you students are pretty slow on the blog post reading!!!! not many people responded to my last post.  So I am giving you a bit of time to read this before some trial group discussions:
I am going to try to have:
a module one group discussion March 5th at 7pm (London time for those on tour etc..)
a module two group discussion March 5th 8:30pm
a module three group discussion March 6th 8:30pm

Whose wants to join in???


  1. Hey Adesola,
    I´m glad the experiment went well...I was not really sure, if I was able to partake in the call without the Skype update..and also because I deferred from last term.
    Maybe I can join the next group discussion on March 6th??
    Thanx for posting!

  2. Hi! Adesola!

    Would love to give it a go. Surely I need your Skype address though? I do have Skype set up on my Apple Mac. Sorry, still not yet a technophile.....


  3. Yes I'm in for module 3. Just let me know your Skype address...

  4. Great people. My SKYPE address (and all the advisors addresses) are in the handbook. Adesola

  5. Hi Adesola, sounds great to me, March 5th being a Tuesday I will not be able to log in until about 7.30 as I teach Zumba until 7.15 so will it be OK to join the module 1 conversation from then please?? Glad there wont be any cameras!!!

  6. Hi Adesola,
    I think your idea of using SKYPE as a learning tool is very innovative and made me reflect on module 1 when we were first setting up the basics of communication for the BAPP course. I'm sure the experience of communicating verbally with fellow students and tutors will be of great value as one can feel isolated from the peer group when working away, especially in another country. I think this means of group communication will become a feature of future courses. May be you could consider expanding this line of communication and extend the invitation to link skype in with campus sessions. Unfortunatly, I will not be able to join you on March 6th as 7.30pm in the UK equates to 1.30am in Florida where I am currently based. However I am sure this is a positive step forward and one which will reap great benefits for both students and tutors. Good luck and I will eagerly await the results of your 'little experiment'.
    Jacob Hughes

  7. Hi Jacob
    I am glad you think its a good idea. 7:30pm in London is 2:30 in the afternoon in Florida, so maybe you can join in??
    Hope so

  8. Hi Adesola,
    I think this is a brilliant idea and would definitely be up for future Skype sessions, however I will be working until 9p.m. on the 5th March so sadly can't take part in the Module 2 chat this time :(

    Hope they go well.

  9. Hi Adesola,
    Can I ask a question. When you downloaded skype. Is there a free group call?

    1. Yes, its not the deluxe video type but like a conference call on a phone we can all talk to teach other. I just call everyone at once. So I need your SKYPE address before hand. Adesola