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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Trying out an idea

I want to try out using SKYPE to have a group virtual Campus session!!! I need four or five people who want to give it a go. I was thinking about doing a trial on Tuesday 19th at 7:30 British time. It is particularly for those people not in UK or London or people who have to work during the day. Campus sessions are like think-tanks where students get to talk about common issues, ideas experiences and then we blog about this to the wider community. If you don't make a campus session it does not mean you are missing out on information it is just the experience of meeting and chatting live with peers. However for those on tour or just have work conflicts etc... getting to Hendon can be difficult. The part you are missing is the talking live to peers part, so this little experiment address that. If it works ok then we can do it more... Who wants to give it a go. Please leave a comment and if you want to help send me a SKYPE request so I have your address.


  1. Hi Adesola I've only just seen this blog!! I would have loved to have joined a Skype campus session as I am in rehearsals and unable to attend in person! Maybe it would be something that could be tried next time?

  2. Hey there Adesola!
    I´m really disappointed, that somehow you must not have gotten my last comment, where I asked to join the Skype conversation today...is there any chance you could add me on Skype (fionedarby) and that I join the next coffee conversation???
    Thank you ((O;

    1. You had to either call me or give me your skype address. i couldn't reach you other wise. send me a skype request so we are ready for next time