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Sunday, 5 October 2014

End of week one - question, posts and the journey

End of week one: Lets have a little check-in:
Module Ones you should have your blogs going and be trying out the tasks and posting reflections on the task (these do not have to be epic!! People are busy and what to know what you are doing and maybe reading on the train or something.)

Everyone what ever Module you are on, make sure your posts also include your reflective practice everything responds to your Professional Practice because that is what the BA is about. It is not just an exercise in telling us about something, it is about you looking at how it is meaningful to you in terms of your working life.

Module Twos are starting the journey of crafting your inquiry. Module two is a bit of a step-by-step process. You have to trust the journey and start it!! I have written a bit about thinking about inquiry questions below. Start blogging ideas and talking to other people, forming interest groups and chatting through possibilities.

Module Three you should be responding to your feedback from Module 2. Send a one page outline of your response and any changes you want to make after feedback. Then you can talk this through with your advisor. Check with your adviser that any consent forms you have are approved. After this you will be starting to get into the field, the data collecting process - exciting

Interesting blog post from Julia http://julia-v-gil.blogspot.de
about getting started back and asking questions raised some useful ideas about wording the question.
Wording the question is important not because the words are important but because the words you choose have an impact on where you go with the question. So I would advice to stay away from questions that imply an answer!!

Like "How can one become a versatile dancer?" that implies an answer and to get a good answer to this you would need years of inquiry not just next term.

But you could unpack this question like 'What do people consider a 'versatile dancer' means?' - you would then look at what you think of as a versatile dancer, what other dancers think, what a choreographer thinks, what people have written about this and then compare any differences or similarities (that is the analysis). Then you would know more about HOW to be a versatile dancer because you would know more about what it means to be one.
See what I mean?  The goal of the inquiry is not to answer something but to know MORE about something. To end the inquiry able to ask better questions about it because you know more about it!

What do you think? In comments have a go at writing a question and explaining what you would do to anylase the data you got as I have done above. It’s a fun thing to think up a question even if you are not on Module 2. Also I would love to hear where you read other peoples blog post. Is it travelling to work? One evening a week? At work? Over breakfast???

Looking forward to hearing from you

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  1. Hey , Adesola ! Thank you for your comment on my Blog and for this post. It was truly helpful. What you have stated "The goal of the inquiry is not to answer something but to know MORE about something" , made a big difference on my mind set and I could understand better the goal of reaching for a better knowledge on a certain theme. Also, about the importance of the words we use on our inquiries , that's very important when we research and ask other professionals about our ideas...hopefully I will begin to have more concrete ideas for my inquiry !