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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

October 15 PM Skype session: have a look at what we talked about!!

Today’s PM SKYPE session went well. We were a conversation of five people. We talked about The tasks and how they need to be useful to the overall point of the BA – a BA in Professional Practice. The tasks are not there as hoops to jump through they are there to get you thinking. We found there might be good reasons why you do not do a task at all. The point of them is get you thinking about what you do and learn from being a professional in your field. They are there to get you to make real (concrete) your practice. See where “YOU” are in it.

Rachel is going to write a post on this: how the first module is to help you ‘to real-ise what you learnt as a professional rachelmorris8387@blogspot.co.uk

Tina is going to write about this too from the perspective of why or why not to ‘do’ tasks but to think about them, http://lynnterry001.blogspot.com

We talked about what a Literature Review is and how it is about seeing where people stand or what they think in a particular area or field of practice. Chiara is going to write about this and also about how it is interesting to talk to and listen to people who are in modules you have completed because they remind you of ideas and feelings you experienced, http://cvainella.blogspot.com

Sarah is going to write about how useful the conversation was for hearing different perspectives on the tasks and activities in the modules, http://sarahsmales.blogspot.co.uk/

It is great to talk together to work out ideas and to hear what other people are thinking. This course is not about completing things we ask you to do it is about getting you thinking and talking to people getting you thinking and communicating your ideas.

Looking forward to November SKYPE talks.


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