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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

OH no!!! More next week :)

Todays pm SKYPE session had a lot of technical difficulties: teething issues for people whom this is the first time to join in. I know this is frustrating and a number of people did not connect with the conversation who wanted to, so I will run another pm SKYPE next week Wednesday October 15th at 8:30pm (in London time).

Looking forward to talking to you all.

Please indicate in the comment if you will be joining in.
Keep smiling!!



  1. Hi Adesola, yes I would love to join in the Skype next week. Sorry I didn't manage to connect last night! Looking forward to it :)

  2. Hello Adesola,

    I will be joining in next week Skype session :)

  3. Hi Adesola. I will try and join the Skype session next Wednesday. Unfortunately Wednesday's aren't as good for me as Tuesday's but I'll do my best. I did speak on the phone with Paula the other day so that helped me out. :)

  4. Hi Adesola,

    I will be joining the Skype session too.


  5. I would like to join the Skype session

  6. Hello Adesola!! Apologies I couldn't make the call last week.
    If I'm home in time, I'll try tomorrow night :)