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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Module Two - Q&A

Cassie and I had a quick talk: Might be useful for other Module Two's
This afternoon Adesola and I had a skype session as I had a few questions about all the extra forms that module 2 needed to fill out. Below are my questions and in my own words a recollection of what Adesola’s answers were. 
  1. The proposed title for the awards specialism form, what title would you pick? and After we have selected that title, does the rationale have to be written about your proposed inquiry?

Adesola’s answer-
The proposed title on the award specialism form that you choose will depend on the course that you did prior to this course. For example-if you went to a school that covered all forms of performing arts then you would pick the title- ‘
BA (Hons) Professional Practice in Arts (Performing Arts)’. 
For the rationale on the award specialism form you would use this title as a starting point to explain an overall explanation for why you are choosing the inquiry you have decided on. Think of this section as connecting the dots, it’s a small timeline of when you entered into the performing arts industry, to what you have done after, to this university course and how all these events have made you decide to do this particular inquiry. Adesola reminded me that ‘the university doesn’t know our story; this is the chance to give them a preview’.

  1. On the ethical release form it asks for the ‘Target award Qualification? What would this be?

Adesola’s answer- 
Adesola said you would put the same title that you selected for the awards specialism form. 
Also please take note that the tense used within this form is misleading. It is written as if you have already completed some of the tasks, however please disregard this and assume that it is written in the future tense as these tasks will be completed at a later date.
So "have the participants...?" should be read "Do you plan for the participants....?"etc...

  1. In the critical reflection must we use references? 
Adesola’s answer-
Yes, it is a very good idea to use references in your critical reflection because this piece of work is supposed to reflect on your learning throughout this module. Adesola said ‘We weren’t raised by wolves  in a wood so everything that we have learnt has come from  or been influenced by something or someone’. You need to use references to show that you have analysed your thinking and found a way to connect your thoughts to the bigger world outside your head.

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