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Friday, 16 September 2016

Starting back - group chat Friday: what do you think...?

Today we had our first group induction back. There were people from Module 2 & 3 at the chat. We talked about thinking about getting started back. We said it is an idea to start by reading your feedback from the last module, and thinking about what you felt work for you and what did not work for you as you start to plan the coming module. Then having a look at the coming Module Handbook and getting a clear idea about what you will be required to hand-in at the end of the Module and when (January 6th 2017). Lastly, getting back into connecting with people by posting and commenting on the blogs to re-connect with the BAPP learning community.

There is no firing gun to say ‘you started’ on September 26th it is really about you starting now to prepare yourself by making sure you have the resources you need to complete the module.

Different people in the chat are post on parts of the chat they thought were useful reminders as you start back.

Ben https://bensbappblog.blogspot.com/ and Maddy (Maddy will put her blog address in the comment below so people can visit it to read her post) are posting on the importance of time management, knowing deadline and strategies for this.

Rebecca http://rebeccajones387.blogspot.com/ is going to write a little more about thinking about what went well and what didn’t go well last module.

Lois-May https://lois-mayhunt.blogspot.com/ liked a metaphor that each module is like a field. At the other side of the field is a gate which you need to walk through with the work you are handing-in. How you get across the field is dependent on your own Professional Practice – its your journey across the field. We are there to walk with you and help you but you need to work out your own journey across the field. So knowing where the gate is (What you are handing-in and when) is clearly important. Then the ‘Tasks’ act a suggested stepping stones across the field also. The importance of being clear about what you are handing-in was something Victoria http://victoriamayvickers.blogspot.co.uk though was a good tip as you start back.

Laurence http://lawrencemassie.blogspot.com.ee/ thought it was important to note how talking to other people on the course through the blogs and skypes is a useful way to develop your ideas. We have group Skype every first Tuesday of the month so look out for those.
Grace http://gracehume.blogspot.co.uk/ also thought the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in Module Two will be helpful ways to share ideas.

Nastazia http://tazphilippoublogs.blogspot.co.uk/ liked talking about the fact Module two is quite a practical module you are making a plan or proposal to the university – you can not spend the whole module trying to get the perfect question and then not have the practical plan of action for the inquiry done!!

Cassie http://cassievercoe.blogspot.co.uk/ thought it was important to remember in Module Three that the inquiry might change even at the very start as thing do not work out the way you planned and that is part of the learning and your journey. It is not about doing exactly what you said you would do (if it is exactly as you thought why bother doing it!!!). It about learning form the activity of trying to do an inquiry. 
Paula is also posting on the idea of starting back notes from the chat on Saturday.

Please post comment and ideas in the comments below.
Welcome back


  1. Hi Adesola!

    Thanks for your summary on Fridays session. I found what Cassie said about how your inquiry may change, even at the start of module 3, a really great thing to remember - particularly for the students beginning module 2. That what you plan isn't the be all and end all - as you say we are continually learning and discovering from the activity so it's natural that things may take alternative routes from what you originally thought. A bit like Lois' metaphor! Remembering this takes some of the pressure off finding 'the perfect question' as that doesn't exist! I've printed off the work submitted at the end of module 1 and the feedback received so I can use it as a reference going into module 2. Your suggestion Saturday morning about being clear on the end goal and then working backwards was a great pointer so thank you for that! I plan to be much more active on Skype with my peers and SIGS this term as I had felt a little isolated with my studies before with being on tour and missing campus sessions / struggling with dodgey wifi.

    Thanks again!