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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Welcome, Welcome back...

Well, we are unfolding from the summer, getting ready to start back at BAPP or start BAPP for the first time!!!
There are some ‘Welcome’ and ‘Welcome back’ skype chats coming up.

For those Module One-ers starting BAPP Paula will have contacted you about Induction sessions. These are
Friday 9th September at 8pm (time In London)
Saturday 10th September at 11am (time in London)
Monday 12th September at 11am (time in London)

We put ‘time in London’ because some people are not in the UK time-zone so you will need to adjust the time to work out what time that means for you where you are! In fact that is part of the great elements of the community of BAPP: we are all over the world which is really exciting.
You will have signed up to a date through talking to Paula. When the time comes for the Skype chat you are signed-up for Paula will call you on Skype – so make sure you have sent a Skype request to Paula (and while you sending requests send one to me for the future Skypes)

For those starting back to BAPP (Module Two & Three) – we have starting back chats on:
Friday 16th September at 8pm (time in London) Adesola will host/call for this Skype.
Saturday 17th September at 11am (time in London) Paula will host /call for this Skype.
Please post in the Comments below which day you will join the chat.

Looking forward to getting going again.



  1. Hello! Please can I join the module 2 chat with you on Friday 16th 8pm!

  2. I will join Paula's on the saturday as I am away on the Friday.

  3. Can i join Adesola on 16th please

  4. Friday evening works for me!

  5. Please can I join Friday 16th for 8 pm

  6. I will attend Friday 16th's Skype :)

  7. hey Adesola i will be able to join saturdays chat at 11 charnelle xx

  8. Please can I join the session today at 8 pm.
    Thank you!

  9. I will join your skype call this evening (Friday) :)

  10. Hey Adesola, hope you've had a great summer! I'll be joining Saturday.

  11. Hi Adesola, myself and Maddy Bantick will be joining the Skype tonight!

  12. I will join tonight's session.

  13. Hi Adesola,

    Just seen that my earlier post didn't work. I would like to join tonight's skype session please.
    Thank you.

  14. Hi Adesola, Please can I attend tonights Skype.