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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Fridays welcome Skype

Fridays welcome skype went was nice to be back at it!! We shared screens and looked at the Programme Pages on UniHub.  Well worth having a long look through, especially the resources on the in the University Library and Research Support folder.

Comments/ comment below to link to what people in the conversation felt useful and reflected on. looking forward to reading.... 


  1. I am looking forward to people hopefully commenting on this as I was unable to attend it would be really useful to hear what you were talking about in regards to starting back.

    1. Hi Amber,

      If someone hasn't already I'll take some notes for you and "Reply" them back to you. Or I'll just post a link to my BLOG post later this afternoon?

      Best Wishes,
      Matt M3

  2. Hi i am Danielle Turner, on coming student starting on the 17th in the BAPP ACI, can i please attend the sunday 16th skype call at 3pm please. thanks

  3. Dear Amber Laura May,
    I am Eleni Giorgaki and I am starting the BAPP ACI course on the 17th of September. I am writing to confirm that I will join the First Skypes(inductions) on Sunday 16th 3pm.

    Yours sincerely,
    Eleni Giorgaki

  4. Hello, it's Liza van der Smissen, I would love to join the call also today if possible? Looking forward to starting!

  5. The Skype call with Helen today was very helpful. I enjoyed writing my first blog today highlighting some of the information I felt useful today.Helen advised us to comment with our blog name to be added to the module 1 blog list on Unihub. Here's mine -charliesteggles.blogspot.com Many Thanks.

  6. Looking forward to starting Module 2 here is my 'Welcome Back' blog post following Friday's skype call;