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Monday, 24 September 2018

Thinking about aspects of Web 2.0: critical thinking

In the ACI3611 handbook we talk about Web 2.0 and how it has allowed access to so much more information than in the recent past. But we have also thought about critical thinking and exploring what ethical considerations there are around subjects. One of the points we touch on in the Handbook is that not everyone has access to the internet across the world. Those who have been on the internet longer have created environments that reflect their own culture and assumptions. Just as your professional practice might have a dominant culture created by the people in your practice before you.

This Ted talk by Joy Buolamwini raises a really interesting ethical consideration you might not even have thought about. 

It is interesting to think about how you perceive yourself and how you are perceived can be so different. The idea of the 'gaze' is a wider theory that you could do more research into if you are interested in the idea of how we are perceived affecting what we can do or be. Are there places where you are invisible?

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