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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Tuesday discussion ...

Tuesday (am) discussion group went well. We talked about a range of things making connections across ideas. The discussion groups are a place to ‘find your voice’. People in the group will be posting short blog posts on things that felt resonated with them and will put links in the comments below.
Here is a list of points people made to summarise the important moment in the conversation, explore the blogs to hear more:

Sometimes things click when you don’t look too hard.
Explore the blog network…
Teaching ideas and research about ‘Hands on and Hands off’ makes one realise there is a lot of discussion (discourse) about your practice that you might not been a part of or been aware of.
Some people will share their general notes from the conversation
About the blogs
We are now a network – a learning community
Not waiting for the ‘energetic beginning’ or permission to start – interact…
It is ok to have questions (great even)
Everything is relevant to all three modules
Ethics within networks (also the differences between ethical procedures (rules) and ethical considerations (the flow of how you engage with things).
Don’t be shy and finding your voice
Technique and /or interpretation - on being told what to do
Not being told what to do – how to stay motivated

I felt a lot of the conversation was about how we locate ourselves in the places we work, the ideas we encounter, the networks we engage with. I think about this often also in terms of how willing we are to forgive ourselves – How willing we are to hear our own voice, to own our own mistakes or misunderstandings and our own wonderful moments of being a part of everything in a good way. How willing we are to dive in, listen, be kind, share and be ok with changing what we would have done when we look back on it. Learning seems to be part of what nurtures this. and it resonates with ideas about what 'professional' can mean... What do you think? comment below and follow the links other people leave too…


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