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Monday, 18 February 2019

Being a part of Networks of Understanding and learning: blogging and discussion

In this post I am thinking/feeling about the network of learning that is the BAPP learning community and how you find yourSelf in the network. It mirrors other networks - if you see 'networks' as a method of understanding the world.  In the new Module One handbooks (ACI3611) we discuss the networked professional and suggest looking at some videos. Below is one we suggest watching. (I thought it would be good to see for the Module Threes who did not have the new Module One handbooks in Module One.) I feel the video highlights how the blogs are a tool that help build the structure of our BAPP Learning Network / Networked understanding. This is a network you are part of.

On this course, we draw heavily from the theoretical concept of Connectivism developed differently by Steven Downes and George Siemens. Below Steven Downes talks about networks in terms that help explain why blogs and discussion groups are a part of the network of learning in BAPP ACI

In October I posted a short video of George Siemens talking about Connectivism in a way that explains why blogs are so useful in BAPP - do go back on my blog and have a look. You can use the tags or dates at the side of my blog to find the post. 

Here is a video of Steven Downes talking about networks. The blogs are a part of the network of learning we are creating together. He talks about how there is  a sense of not being told what to do but that we are all contributing. This is an important principle in BAPP ACI. you can't be made to participate - it's your BA but together we can create the place where learning can happen and that is part of the work you have to do for yourself in your professional work and in your study - you have to believe (in yourself, in each other, in the idea of learning, in the idea of your art practice, in whatever it is that finds you here), believe enough to just get on with it...

Please comment on what you are thinking/feeling of this post below. It would be interesting to discuss some of the video content in our Twilight Tuesday Skype Discussion Group on February 26th or at the campus session tomorrow*. 
(*The sign-up for Friday and Tuesday are on a 'Session Reminder Post'-NOT this post) 

Visit someones blog today and exchange an idea or conversation - visit someone's blog in the BAPP community you have not visited much before - explore.

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  1. Hi Adesola, After watching this video i understand connectivism a lot clearer now and i think i see it the same as Steven, as in the human mind and the world as two separate things. I would like to explore this more and ask other people their views and opinions on it. Can i also be added to the 7am sjype discussion on the 26th of February. Thank you