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Thursday, 7 February 2019

Mapping to build understanding - Holidays and Maps

In skype discussions to day we talked about 'Research as mapping to build understanding'

We talked about three different kinds of research goals

Mapping (shorter period of time) the aim is to better understand something.

Critique (medium period of time) provide a critique of a phenomenon or field after you better understand it.

Social change (longer period of time) provide clear suggestions or praxis for change after you have better understood it and critiqued elements of it.

In the 12 weeks of Module Three and at BA level you are looking to map - to better understand something by knowing the elements and routes through and within it.

(Qualitative Research for Physical Culture) by Pirkko Marcela & Michael Silk.

In Module Three you are mapping to better understand the field of your inquiry.

In Module Two you have another layer of mapping - mapping how to inquire in to the field (looking at research methods for your field of interest.

In Module One you are mapping your practice (by doing your diagram and essay)

Module Two mapping research methods:
The inquiry in Module Three is like a journey into your inquiry topic. Like going on holiday to some where you need to plan the journey. Module Two is the planning the journey.

Here are some things to think about:
If you plan too specifically we are going to 12 West Manor street, Paris, France. That is all you will find. Just like if your inquiry is so specific will only notice and find what you set out to look for. Instead set out to go to Paris (aware 12 west Manor Street might be a place you visit while there).

Then how are you getting there?
Driving main roads,
By train
Bicycle holiday
Are you in a hotel or tent.
You have to look into these things and think about what would work best for the type of holiday you are planning.

Just like how are you getting there in your inquiry
You have to look into these and think about what would work best for the analysis you are planning.

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  1. Thank you for the skype discussion, this really helped my understanding of what I need to do for module 2. My blog https://siandunmore.blogspot.com/ for anyone interested in my posts.

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    Many Thanks Charlie S

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