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Monday, 25 February 2019

Campus Session: To know and not to know (yet)

We had a campus session on Friday. See comments below for links to posts by those who attended.
One point I thought was important to think about:

In the study of this course (BAPP) there are elements of the content and process which you will not 'know' straight away. Obviously you don't know them yet, the point of the course is to leave knowing more. They get revealed as you study and research and reflect. But as a Student at a University there are things you should to know. Sometimes people get these mixed up see below:

Things you need to know for sure:
  • Your student number
  • How to access your University email
  • How much your fees are
  • When the hand-in date for work is
  • Where you hand things in (Turnit-in) 
  • What a Skype call is
  • Who your advisor is 

Things that will emerge through study:
  • What you will write in the reflective essay you submit
  • What your artifact or diagram will look like when you finish it
  • What the literature on a subject says
  • What you think about an idea you have not heard of before
  • How to describe your practice.

Sometimes people reverse these: they feel concerned they don't know what they will write about in their final essay from week one (when they have 12 weeks of research and reflection between then and handing it in) but are ok they that are not sure how to get to their University email!

The workings of the university - you should feel clear about and if you don't ask for direct help on getting it clear.

The action of learning about new ideas and new things can be foggy and this is ok at points as you work.

What are your thoughts....

1 comment:

  1. I attended the campus session on Friday and it was interesting to have a Module 1, 2 and 3 student present.
    Everybody was at different stages but all seem to have similar questions - "Am I on the right path?".
    I think your image with the Chinese proverb "Teachers open the door: but you must enter by yourself" sums it up very well.
    It is important to understand how to access and be apart of the University process asap especially as distance learners (we might not have the interaction everyday of full time students).
    I remembered asking myself the same questions as Module 1 and 2 and now I am comfortable with the answers that I found out and I am still learning as I move forward with my last module.