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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Reflections from Wednesday 25th am Skype discussion

In today’s morning Skype there were a few people from Module One for whom this was their first Skype. As a group we were brave enough to start a conversation about the topics people had been thinking about (and not just end up asking each other what to do!!). Because of this group collaboration to talk to each and develop each others ideas we were able to witness how an idea can group from its original space to unexpected spaces through the journey of the discussion. Mathew is going to blog about this https://mkoonbapp.blogspot.com

We thought about the ideas about experience ‘v’ qualifications in terms of who teaches the arts but of course this raises questions and opportunity for inquiry into what we (personally) mean by being qualified to do something, and what we mean when we use the word ‘experience’. These concepts are also discussed in the Module handbooks and in the articles and books on the reading lists for each Module because they are very present in looking at what learning and knowledge are. Allison is going to blog about experience ‘v’ qualifications and Cathleen about qualifications Alison.lonsdale1@hotmail.co.uk   

Shari talked about seeing things from a different perspective. (For instance, most people on the Skype were involved in dance and she is a photographer and journalist.) We talked about having a new perspective on something also allows you to reflect on and question your own assumptions. Shari is blogging about this https://dotfox-luxembourg.blogspot.com

Joanne and Scarlett are blogging about some of the topics we discussed such as how industries change when they become accessible to the people who do not usually engage with them. Also about how dance is taught and the value of the Arts. www.scarlettholloway.blogspot.com &https://joanneclarke1806.blogspot.com

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  1. Thank you for hosting this skype call. I enjoyed the interaction and found the discussion topics very interesting, especially into the different reasons as to why the arts is taught and the relevant meaning of qualification. It has also made me question my personal view on 'beginnings' which can been seen in both literal and abstract ways.

  2. Hey, thanks for the skype call today feel like I might be finally catching up! I also enjoyed the discussions we had today and was nice to hear everyone else's point of view it was a very safe space to air your opinions. ive linked my blog below so you can view my blog post after todays session! https://joanneclarke1806.blogspot.com/


  3. I very much look forward to reading all of your blog posts.

    Here is my blog too:

  4. It was a great chat this morning, and interesting to get different perspectives on different topics. My blog is : https://alisonlonsdale.blogspot.com as it wasn't added into the post above. I will be posting within the next few days, reflecting upon the Skype session this morning. Thanks, Alison

  5. Thank you Adesola for leading such an insightful discussion. On my blog, https://cathleenlimerick.blogspot.com/ I have posted about the meaning of qualifications and would like to pass the comment of "What does qualified mean to you and how is it significant in your practice?" I look forward to hearing different opinions!

  6. I will definitely check out everyone's blogs. Thank you for sharing. Serina

  7. Thankyou for posting this, I have been able to read about the subjects of the skype I missed. I have also read and commented on all of the blogs in discussion. Thankyou everyone for keeping up to date with your blogs, I am behind but catching up!

    My Blog, https://rawbapp.blogspot.com

    I look forward to reading and watching some more inspiring posts...