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Thursday, 26 September 2019

Research terms - what are you doing?!: Skype with Module Three focus

This Skype has a Module two focus but any Module can attend. We will be thinking about
Research terms - What are you doing?!

Tuesday October 1st @ 6pm (time in London) 

Comment below to indicate which one you will attend. Please also give a sentence or two about what you have been thinking about/doing. This will help us plan the Skype.


  1. Hi Adesola, may I attend this Skype call please? Unfortunately I have to leave slightly early at 6.50pm as my pupils have a performance at 7pm which I need to attend. I hope that is okay?! Many thanks, Jess

  2. Hi, can I join session on the 1st of October at 6pm please?

  3. Hi, please may I attend this. Really interested to learn more about the enquiries other students are pursuing. Thanks, Amy R

  4. Hello, I'd like to join the Skype call.
    In the last week I've started conducting interviews and been thinking about the process of inviting my participants (expectation vs reality) and how the experience itself gives me valuable insight for my research.

  5. Hi, please can I attend this call. I have been thinking about the ethical issues surrounding my inquiry and research ideas to look deeper into this.
    Charlotte R

  6. Hi Adesola, Please could I attend this skype talk. I have currently been reading through my literature and also conducted my first interview over the weekend. I am looking forward to discussing how others have been getting on and sharing discussion.

  7. Hi, please can I join this Skype? I am module 1 but I think it would be useful in terms of designing practice based research and will help me unpick the bits and pieces of my practice at this stage.

  8. Hello, Could i please join this session on the 1st of October?

  9. Hi, could I join this please? I commented yesterday but it doesn’t seem to have appeared!

  10. Hi Adesola.
    My apologies I was unable to attend, would is it be possible to schedule an additional date ?
    And was this module 2 or 3 focus?