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Monday, 7 October 2019

Collaboration ... learning

This blog post is about collaboration. Here is a video of an art work. As someone who makes community based site specific dance work I see this as art. It could also be an tourist marketing product!!

Have a look at this and then watch the video below that about collaboration. I am suggesting this because it is a way of revealing how the material (the professional artifact of the art work/first video) is another way of engaging with the theory (in the second video). Often the artistry we do is the embodiment of the theory talked about.

Letting go of dominating and welcoming making together...Learning to learning involves collaboration and interdependency. 

The making of...


  1. The Grand Rapids video immediately brought a smile to my face. The sense of community spirit was truly present and everyone seemed to be having a great time. The clip concerning the creation of the LipDub made me appreciate just how difficult it is to direct and produce videography. We all passively watch on screens without realising the dedication and hard work that goes into camera angles, editing, behind the scenes ramps and props. All these towns in American came together in collaboration, to take part in this based site specific work. For example, 3000 people volunteered just for one section that was a pillow fight on mass. Amazing! Using everyday people, not professional actors or dancers made the video more realistic in my eyes. Giving the public the opportunity to create art brings strangers together to be productive in the community and have fun. Art is for everyone, and the inclusiveness in this video is what the World needs to see more of.

  2. Yes I think collaboration is so key to making resilient and relevant art works.

  3. The first video makes me think about how this idea started as a seed in one persons mind, maybe something they had dreamed of doing for years and then with the help of others it became a work of art. No one person played a certral role, every little detail had been thought out and was executed with perfect timing. Transfering this to the second video actually saddens me that in my practice there isnt always this form of collaboration. Its very much about competition and one single person being the best, I would love to see this message shared within all dance communities as their potential for amazing art works would see new heights.

  4. I really enjoyed watching these videos. The sense of community shone through in The Grand Rapids video. It also made me aware of our audience. An audience isn’t always in a theatre or indeed inside. An audience is wherever the performance is. For example flashmobs. When flashmobs first hit the performing scene it was so fascinating for the general public to see theatre ( be it song or dance ) in an outside or unusual setting. However as a performer , we always have the professional mind frame to perform to whoever, wherever and how every many our audience may be. As performers we are naturally quite diverse.
    The Grand Canyon showed performers performing and small numbers of audience members watching. It is rare to walk around a city and not see a busker playing fabulous music. All we need is collaboration from the audience to stop and watch.

    I found the Ted Talks video to be interesting too. So much more is gained from Collaboration within business. Imagine our current parliament with a little more collaboration! Something that really stood out for me was that the video was from 2005 and it was pre -Web 2.0. It was interesting to hear that it was expected in years to come that we would be walking around with mini computers in our hands all the time. Fast forward to 2019 and it is so true ! Web 2.0 forecasting example at its best !

  5. I used to think that 'collaboration' used to only belong in a formal setting of a boardroom or on a group project. However I have come to realise that collaboration does not only belong in a formal setting and can be spontaneous. For example this video of a young dancer and her family enjoying a busker playing the violin, and her spontaneously deciding to dance. Together they create a beautiful collaboration that stops many passers-by to watch.