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Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Monday Module One focus

Today we talked about Practice -our Practice. Module One is about articulating refining noticing reflecting on what you see as your practice. In the discussion we found for some people they are their practice and for others their practice involves a persona. We thought about how teachers, colleagues  and other past experiences have shaped what our practices are today. We also thought about the ethical choices and values that manIfest in our practices. 
Module One us really about peeling away your Practice from the background of your everyday activity and routines. People attending are commenting below with links to posts about the discussion. 
What are your thoughts? Please comment below ...


  1. Thank you Adesola and everyone else on the discussion last night.

    I have blogged about what I have been thinking about here :


  2. I enjoyed absorbing the thoughts and comments from others in the discussion group. It was interesting to hear about the idea that your practice is an extension of your personality and creative outlet. Here is my blog about the influences of a teacher : https://alisonlonsdale.blogspot.com/

  3. Hi Adesola,

    I've just blogged about this skype session although I've managed to stray onto some wide tangents. My blog address is...

  4. Hi Adesola, I am sorry I couldn't join the session. I thought I had signed up for it, but obviously something went wrong because I was never added to the group chat. Would you please be so kind to explain to me what the procedure to sign up for a session is since I don't really want to miss out on anything. Edoardo

  5. Hi adesola.

    I’ve been shadowing and observing teachers in my practice. And those who teach me. To really see from a different perspective how they shaped me and how they continue to shape others through their methods. Some of these methods I found I have used and carried with me. Others I don’t agree with. It’s very interesting as a much younger teacher how I do my practice and how those much older with more experience do theirs. I find myself adapting now to the climate of dance teaching and how it evolves. Whereas those I have observed and been taught by have stayed the same.
    And especially working with children ethics are a big part of that which I am currently exploring.

  6. I will be posting a blog about reflecting upon my practice, the value of what I do, the ethics beyond daily life, and assess how my first week of my ballet tour has gone. Check it out!

  7. https://chanibapp.blogspot.com/2019/10/my-practice.html

    heres my blog post relating to these points

  8. I have written a short follow up to this Skype session, discussing different areas to my persona during practice. check it out here ... phoebebapp.blogspot.com

  9. Hi, I've finally posted my follow up to this session. if you want to check it out that'd be great. https://shaunnaduffy.blogspot.com/