If life is what happens to our plans, then dance is what happens to our steps.
ideas sometimes when you wait they come to you.

Preparation for starting with BAPP

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Discussion group: Wednesday October 16th

Discussion Skypes are open for all, this is a time to share reflections, things you've looked at, thought about, discuss your study with other people who are doing the same thing - BAPP.

Start your day off Skype  8:15am (time in London)
End your day Skype 9pm (time in London) 

Comment below to indicate which one you will attend. Please also give a sentence or two about what you have been thinking about/doing. This will help us plan the discussion.


  1. Hi Adesola,
    I hope this message meets you well and you have had a good week.
    Please can I attend the 9pm talk.
    I am currently in Module Three and have been thinking further about how delving further into others experiences and thoughts through literature have allowed me to think further on how I stand in relation to this within my own ethics and philosophical stance.

  2. Hi Adesola
    I would like to attend the 8.15am Skype call please.

    I have been considering who has influenced my practice


  3. Hi Adesola,
    Please can I attend the 8:15 talk please?
    I am in module one and have been thinking on and reflecting on dance teaching (my practice) and how in the current climate of the world dance teaching has had to change to fit right ethically, for example my mother was taught ballet with a cane, I was taught in a highly disciplined way, whereas children nowadays do not respond to how I did and need a more safe and welcoming environment that suits them in order to get the best out of them in a class. I have been doing observations of other teachers to explore this, and the differences between age and experience within my practice.

  4. Hi Adesola, please can I join at 9 pm?
    I am currently exploring literature and visual data related to my inquiry question. Similar to Andrew's experience, I find myself thinking about how the new knowledge gained from the literature review, influences my ethics.

  5. Hi Adesola
    Can I attend the 9 pm please.
    I am currently in module three and have been looking at my literature resources and how I can use these, whilst still maintaining a strong focus on my reflective self in midst of all this data

  6. Hi Adesola,

    Could I please join the 9pm discussion. I have been thinking and reading more about reflection as a data collection tool and how to think outside of my own subjective reactions.
    Thank You

  7. Hello, Please could I join the 9pm talk. I have been looking into 'Presentation of self' and people that have influenced my training

  8. Hello Adesola,
    Please can I join the discussion group at 9pm. I am on Module 1, and I have currency been recently been researching ethical discussions and issues that are faced in musical theatre production.
    Thanks, Rowan

  9. Please can I attend the 9pm skype. I am Module 1 Thankyou

  10. Hi Adesola I would like to join the discussion gorup at 9pm. I am module 1. Thankyou

  11. Hi Adesola, Can I please join the 8.15am skype.

    I have been looking into 2 things. The importance of Web 2.0 within my practice which also parallels with the negative affects this can have on performing dancers. I also was reading some literature that insired me to research how and why dance is used within the wider public such as cultural events that promote unity.

  12. 9pm please! Thank you Adesola.

  13. Hi Adesola, could I please join the 9pm session? Module 1, taking time to go through the lenses, but have also started looking into areas of learning and drafting my assignments. Many thanks, Edoardo

  14. Hello,

    I'd like to attend the 8:15 am talk. For the moment, I'm reflecting and analysing my profession and trying to go more into depth with the ethical part.

  15. Hi Adesola
    Please can I attend the 8.15am skype session? I have been exploring Kolb's experiential learning cycle and I have just published a blog on the subject.


    I am also reflecting on areas of learning I have engaged in, which is helping me to recognise the transdisciplinary aspect of my practice.

  16. Hi Adesola,
    Please could I join the 8.15 skype? I would like to talk about relating your practice to other practitioners in your field and identifying methods of working. Thanks!

  17. Hi Adesola,

    May I join the 9pm Skype call tomorrow please?

    I am currently in Module Three and have been thinking about how I am going to collate my data in a logical, clear and concise way. (Structure!) I have also been reflecting upon triangulation.

    Kind regards, Jess

  18. Please could I attend the 9pm talk. I am currently working on module one.

  19. Hi
    I would like to attend the Skype at 8.15am please
    I did request this last week but I’m wondering if it didn’t go through properly.
    Thank you

  20. Hi Adesola please can I enter the 8:15am one please

  21. Hi can I change to the 9pm talk please

  22. Hi can i join the 815 am skype - i have been thinking about how to collate all of my findings.



  23. Hi, please can I join the 9pm call. I am in Module 3 and have been focusing on the collection of data for my inquiry and looking into the ethics of this. Thank you, Sam

  24. Hi all,
    Thank you for this session. Please find my thoughts on my post below:

    Thank you

  25. Hi Adesola.

    I know there’s a draft submission tomorrow of module one. Do I just email ?