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Preparation for starting with BAPP

Thursday, 8 November 2012


This week I am at a dance conference (CORD). It is my first big conference in USA and I have given myself the task of sharing the experience with you!! I am posting duel posts on my MAPP and BAPP blogs. I wanted to share the experience because it is a bit foreign to me and I thought if I share my experience then when you go to give a paper (or maybe you have) or give your oral presentation, you will have the friendly voice of my experience in your head along with all the newness.  Shared experiences across a community of practice as a benefit to the whole group. I sort of did this when I went to the conference in Berlin in 2010 see past BAPP posts 

Going to talk about BAPP and hear what other people are doing

Conference continues (first day)

Conference second day

I am in a room in the very big hotel. The conference is being held in the hotel also. It seems to be quite far out of the centre of town but then USA towns are often not walking-to places anyway (so maybe I am in the centre of a town with big spaces between the buildings). I arrived last night and went for a walk along a highway to a Mexican cafĂ© that was like the New Mexican equivalent of a caf. in East London but with Mexican Food and no English speakers!  

Today I am going to work on my presentation (‘The Jingle Dress- claiming a philosophical legacy as a cultural act.’), which I give on Friday. Registration for the conference is at 1:30 so I have sometime to deal with the jet lag too! I have looked on line at the draft schedule and I know a couple of people from guest teaching I have done and I also know one person - Dr. Welsh-Asante from the Re:Generations Conference last week at the Place, London. I am really excited to say hello to her here and hear her presentation (‘Gender-bending in traditional African Dance: The case of the Ganksete and Manjanata Dances’)

More later

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