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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Saturday morning

Today is another day full of activity. I am really looking forward to the performance tonight. Of yesterday I have been thinking most about the Dancing Earth company and the papers presented in the first panel I went to yesterday. My presentation was about the ethics of the work I created in 2010 (the Jingle Dress) and this company works within the same issues. I am hoping I can do some kind of collaboration with them because it is so exciting to find other people exploring the same ideas you have. Overall the conference so far has been really stimulating hearing all the interesting work people are doing in dance. Today I am planning to go to some panels that explore more pedagogical issues.

My presentation went well (I think), like a performance, I can never really remember what happened once I start going!!! I had done so much work on identity issues in preparation (and in the paper itself) and I did not feel I talked about that but then I hope that this work on identity was thread through the whole presentation. When I get back after the conference, I will work toward having a definitive version of the paper. Two useful answers to my ethical questions from the audience were:
The need to keep returning to the community (audience) from which the work is contextualised to hear how they are reading the work and get feedback. This resonates with my artistic principle of community in my work.  
The other was to more clearly see the work I create as a response to the experience I have. It is personal response and not trying to be the end-all to any issues but is a product of my own reflective processes.


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