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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Communication- Our group SKYPEs...

On Tuesday we had out First Tuesday of the Month SKYPE chats. We did a lot of sharing of ideas and practice. People said it was really helpful to just talk to each other about where they are at and what they are doing. As you are all starting a Module (1 or 2 or 3) it is great to hear other people are also in that “oh my goodness I’ve got to start place!!!”.
Remember the blogs are sharing and listening too. They are not a place to post perfect task responses. We don’t have to see all that all the time. The blogs are for you to communicate and participate in the community of learning that is BAPP (Arts).

People talked about ideas like:
Improvisation visit Cathy Hayward’s blog if you have experiences and ideas about improvisation. It was so useful to talk to people who looked at improvisation from lots of focuses: improvisation in dance, music, teaching…. That the beauty of the Learning Community people from many different aspects of the field. Cathy: http://catherinehayward.blogspot.com

We also talked about the importance of the Literature in all the modules. It opens new doors up to you. The Literature shared ideas with you, you might not have thought of.

We talked about the practicalities of starting a SIG. this could be getting a group together on Facebook or Google hang-out or physically in a coffee shop. Some people are in the same place as each other you can meet up and skype someone in. Its just about sharing ideas with other interested people. SIG stands for Special Interest Group – it’s a group who all have a special interest in something – that is all.

We talked a bit about privacy on-line and how you don’t have to post anything on your blog you do not want someone at work to read. You can start to use the principles of ethics we look at in Module Two maybe not use the real names of people or places  and still make your learning point or idea.

Have a look at the following blog’s of people who said they would share further info and ideas that were sparked from the conversations:

Most important GET ON WITH THE MODULE!!!!!! And don’t worry so much ‘about getting it right’. Getting it right IS getting on with it….

What do you think?  – My new moto is ‘don’t be a stalker, be a talker’ = Don’t just look at peoples blogs, comment.



  1. Thanks, Adesola. I wasn't able to attend, so this summary is really helpful.

  2. Hi Adesola,

    I found it really valuable talking to others from different modules and getting their perspective on things - something that I am going to try and do more of in my SIG. I also found your idea of 'detective work' in literature really useful to me.
    I have posted a blog on literature if it would help anyone to take a look: http://jessicaplant.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/online-group-chat-1st-march-why-do.html

    I like the new moto and I agree that this is something that I am definitely trying to abide by this module!

    Thanks again,


  3. Thanks Adesola - unfortunately I couldn't make the chat because of work. But I am happy to say I've been trying to comment as much as possible! It's started some good conversations and other students have pointed me in the direction of good literature. Your moto is right!! It really helps to give others support and they will give you support and to develop ideas.


  4. Thanks Adesola. I unfortunately couldn't be involved in the group Skype chat. I love the motto and I sometimes feel a bit of a stalker so I'm going to say that to myself every time I read a blog. The more people comment, the more ideas flow and develop.

  5. Hey Adesola,

    Love the new motto, I think it is a really valid point! It'd be interesting to count how many times we view posts etc and form opinions, and compare it to how many times we actually comment and share these thoughts.
    After talking a bit about online privacy I went and googled my name as one of the other students suggested, I was pleased to find that some of my personal accounts were private access only however I will be reviewing the settings on all after finding a few random, accessible pictures.
    It was great to attend my first 'coffee shop' Skype session and I shall look forward to the next!