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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Module One on-line session Friday 18th

We have a Module One on-line session on Friday at 6:30pm (in London)

Please comment below if you would like to attend.

(Please make sure you have sent be a sky contact request if we have not skipped before.)
Speak to you Friday



  1. Hi Adesola, yes please I would like to attend. See you at 6:30pm. Nora

  2. Hi adesola, is this open to all m1 students or just your tutor group? Thanks, Lauren

  3. Unfortunately I can't make 6.30 as I will be at work, look forward to finding out what points were discussed afterwards! Thank you.

  4. Hi I would like to attend tonight's Skype.

  5. Yes please I would like to attend the Skype I may have to leave early due to work. Thanks Lois