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Friday, 18 March 2016

Module One and Module Three group discussions

Today we had two campus sessions. Because we realise again and again the course is not about boxes, sections, tasks, modules it is a learning journey I am going to write one post for us all the read. The first group skype was for Module One’s: we asked the question
What is your Professional Practice? No, really what is it? Can you say?

It is fine if you can’t but what ever it is it is a ‘thing’ not just what you are doing at the moment.
Have a look at Victoria’s blog post http://victoriamayvickers.blogspot.com

To ask what is your Professional Practice was important in the Module Three group skype we had later because if you are starting to think about your Artefact (note: it is a bit to early to do at the moment) but when you start to think about your professional artefact you need to have a sense of what your Profession is to pin point and artefact from your profession. Think about it… Have a look at Lara’s blog post http://larafbapp.blogspot.com

In the Module One chat we them thought about who you admire in your Professional Practice – who are the people that lead the way for you in terms of where you see your practice developing? Why do those people inspire you?

Thinking about our Professional Practice, what the field is and where good practice,and inspiration lay in that field for you helps you see your professional Practice as a thing. Something you are working at and developing even when you are not getting paid for it.

The inquiry you do in Module Three is about that development – inquiring into something that you feel extends your knowledge or to bring things together or to back fill as you develop your profession.

Then I asked “if you were trying to get someone else to think about their Professional Practice what would you ask them to do to try to stimulate this?”
  • People said ask them to journal and write down ideas about their practice.
  • Someone else suggested asking if you got an injury what would you do – how would you cope – what do you need to know.
  • Someone else said get someone to do observations and give feedback to them.

Great those are the ways we chose too. We wrote Modules to try to get you to think about your professional practice: In Module One particularly we introduce those same three tools. Tools we hope you will continue to develop and use across the whole course.
  1. Journal – we ask you to look into reflection and reflective practice to think about your Practice.
  2. Ask some one what would you do – What are your resources – we talk about this as networks. What networks support you. Can you think about your Practice through thinking about the resources you draw on to Practice.
  3. Observations – well we can’t come and observe you so we ask you to observe yourself by looking at your on-line profile. How do you come a cross what do you notice about your-self and your values. Can you think about your Practice through looking at and observing yourself and how you present yourself.

So big – point now: the tasks in every module are just there to stimulate your thinking about your Professional Practice (that’s what your BA is in PP = Professional Practice. You need to have thought about Professional Practice! At some point!).
Have a look at Lauren’s blog post http://laurenhoskins92.blogspot.co.uk/

The tasks are there to help you. If one is more helpful than another spend more time on it.
Have a look at Lois-Mays Blog post http://lois-mayhunt.blogspot.co.uk

The tasks are not hoops to jump through – they are not graded. The tasks in all modules should integrate with each other and with your Professional practice.
Have a look at Caoimhe’s blog post http://norakathleenmccabe.blogspot.cpm

People who attended the chats have written blog posts. Please click on them and see what they thought and wanted to share too.

We are not looking for answers – we are looking for a deeper understanding of the questions.

What do you think? What do you feel?
Hope to talk to you during the Coffee-shop group skype chat/ First Tuesday skype chat on April 5th.


  1. Will there be a chance to repeat this for us that were unable to attend tis skype session at all?

  2. Hi Adesola,

    I couldn't attend the session, so it has been useful for me to read wheat was discussed. Thank you for the link to Lara's blog. I have had a look at her post and it has given me some ideas to think about, especially how the artefact should 'emerge within your profession' and how I should also consider 'the way people communicate in my field'

    Thanks again,

  3. Thank you for this, Adesola! I've really enjoyed reading other people's blogs, post this discussion. I really like the idea of viewing your professional practise as a 'thing' and it makes much more sense. It allows such a wide scope for paths and development. I think if more people believed this concept then there'd potentially be less pressure and 'pigeon holing' in professions. After reading Lauren's blog about the benefits of journaling, I realised I've been doing this and reflecting all along without even realising. I often write letters to people expressing my thoughts and opinions without ever actually sending them. It seems to be my way of letting everything out, thinking about things and then making a decision afterwards. Regarding inspirations, this has definitely been a tricky one to pinpoint and has provided me with a great deal of questions.

    Thanks again,

  4. HI - sorry i missed the chat on Friday the 18th! what time will tuesday the 5th be?

  5. Hi Adesola,

    I couldn't make the campus session so I have found this really useful. For a while now I have been asking my self what is my professional practice and I now feel I have an answer which is going to make everything much clearer.
    Please can you let me know the time for the coffee shop Skype chat as I really don't want to miss it.
    Many thanks

    P.s I'm struggling with my login to the uni Hub please can you help me?